5 Ways to Save Space with a Growing Family

Parenthood can be a tricky time – we all have first time fears to think about, from the first pregnancy to funding it all. But for those who've been through it all before, another concern for second and even third time parents, besides finance, is accommodating them in a perhaps spatially limited home.

If you're one of the lucky ones with a growing brood and perhaps not as much room at home as you'd like, you can still live harmoniously by employing a few techniques for saving space. Here are some of the best that have worked wonders for me over the years.

Have a clear out

Think to yourself – when are you ever going to wear those legwarmers again? Having a good clear out can be therapeutic and will also give you a fresh dose of good karma, particularly if you give your things to the needy. Consider it a first trimester task – you;ll then have plenty of time to fill the space once again with things for the new baby.

If you can't go outwards, go up!

Putting away toys, clothes and more can cause us to take up more floor space than perhaps we'd like – but why do we have to when we could go upwards? Consider investing in shelving, storage boxes and 'hanging' storage – you'll be amazed at just how much more you can cram into your child's bedroom!

Invest in space saving tools

You'll be amazed at just what tools you can implement to save space – even the furniture you have around you! For example, if you're looking for a new bed for an older child, why not try a space-saving bed? You can use the under bed storage to store toys, clothing or whatever tools you may need for the new baby without infringing on your current bedroom space.

Prioritise what you'll need and when

Think of the space you have in your house as seasonal – for example, you certainly won't need access to bulky jackets and extra blankets during the summer months, so make sure they're out of the way. One way of doing this, and using that aforementioned storage space, is to use vacuum packs – it's incredible how much space is taken up using just air!

Go into other rooms

It's not just a bedroom you need to think about when saving space – you can also consider moving your things into lesser used rooms in the house. For example – that garage space you always thought about using can always be used, although you should ask yourself, if it can fit in the garage, do I need it at all?