Essential Tips for Babyproofing Your House

Baby's safety is the primary concern for every parent. Though, being vigilant and keeping a visual supervison is extremely important, you should also take steps to make your home safe for your baby. If you look around your house, you will find many items or places that are required by adults but are not safe for your baby. Let’s take a look at some tips to make your home safe for your bundle of joy while he/she explores around the home.

Installing Corner Guards

The corners of the furniture can pose as a hazard to your baby when it crawls around house. Babies have a tendency to take support of things to stand and while doing so the corners of the furniture or your coffee table can cause injury to the baby. The best way to prevent such accidents is installing corner guards to all furniture lying in your house. The corner guards blunt the edges and have soft cushions. Corner guards are one of the essential baby proofing products that you need to buy. Baby and Toddler World stocks variety of corner guards that not only look beautiful but also make your home safer for your baby.

Using Stairgates

If you have stairs in your house, it is essential to install a stairgate to prevent any accident fall which might cause a serious injury to your baby. Th stair gate can also be used as an obstacle to prevent babies to access some areas of the house such as kitchen which has many sharp or heavy items. You have a wide variety of options in terms of stair gates such as pressure fit, wall fit or portable gates that extend and can perfectly fit in any designated area. The stairgates are stylish, baby safe and can be installed easily and quickly when your baby is moving around. The gates have child proof locks but adults can easily open them with one hand which means you can open the gate even with your child in arm. You can purchase good quality stair gates at Baby and Toddler World at discounted price.

Install child safety covers on electrical outlets

Babies have a tendency of inserting their tiny fingers or other obejcts in holes and electrical sockets without covers are potentially dangerous for such actions. You can eliminate the risk presented by electrical sockets by installing child safety socket covers. These covers perfectly fit and cover the openings of electrcal sockets and thus reduce the probability of an electrical shock. Adults can easily remove the covers of electrical sockets and connect electrical device to it when required.

Put Child Safe Locks on Cupboards

The child safe lock for cupboards and drawers are specifically designed to prevent babies from opening cupboards or pulling out drawers. These lock are self locking mechanism which ensures your baby will not be able to open the cupboard and play with any items that can prove harmful to them.

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