Happy New Year!

Hello!!!  Well I'm finally back at work (ish) after a long break.  Not sure I'm feeling entirely rested though, with seemingly non-stop illness and various other ups and downs!  But onward and upward etc, and next week, when the girls are back at play group with Steve, I will hopefully be able to get myself back into something approaching a routine.  Hopefully.

I'm not sure what 2015 is going to hold for us, definitely lots of lovely holidays, days out and family time, as last year that was too often sacrificed to working/tidying/life admin etc.  I also have some blog expansion plans, so watch this space!  First I better catch up on Christmas, New Year and Sophia's third birthday, so watch out for lots of photo-heavy content over the next week or so.  As always, we also hope to bring you lots of fun content, great ideas and some fab giveaways, as well as the odd controversial opinion or five ;-)

Anyway, time I got on with some ostentatious breastfeeding and then we're off to soft play, will chat more soon.  I hope you all had a magical Christmas and a fabulous New Year, what did you get up to?

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015!

Leta x