Today is officially my first day back at work and I am sat here with serious writer's block and a certain level of ennui; this does not bode well for the new year!  I'm not sure if it's the rain drizzling incessantly outside, the howling wind, the gently snoring cats next to me, or the number of distractions surrounding me, but my mind is anywhere but in blog land right now.  Perhaps as my middle daughter said earlier, "it would be nice if I went out to work like Daddy".  Cue me explaining, through slightly gritted teeth, that I do bleedin' well work, but because I want to be with her and her sisters as much as possible, I have chosen to opt out of the rat race and do a different kind of job at home.  Grrr.

Why does sorting the laundry, de-fleaing the cats, re-arranging the toy storage to finally put the Christmas gifts away, or finally writing our thank you notes, suddenly seem like the most important thing to do RIGHT NOW; when I have an inbox full of e-mails to reply to, a list of blog posts to write, and all sorts of other vital blog-related things to crack on with?  I drive myself mad with this sort of rubbish behaviour, how do you overcome the curse of procrastination?  (Immediately thinks maybe I should open an Amazon window to find a 'how to knuckle down and crack on with stuff' book...)

I'm pretty sure this inaction thing isn't just me, so any advice would be gratefully received!  Steve says leave it and come back to it tomorrow.  But what if tomorrow is just as bad?!  Nope, got to crack on!!

Time for a list!

1. Publish this post!
2. Reply to 10 e-mails, just 10.  I can do that, surely!
3. Find out which flea treatments get rid of beastly super-resistant type.
4. Download photos from past few weeks and put into blog posts.
5. Reply to 10 more e-mails.
6. Make dinner and start over tomorrow!

Wish me luck...

7. Apologise for total over-use of punctuation, particularly the poor exclamation mark!


  1. Oh I totally know the feeling. I have to shut down everything else on the computer and put my phone out of sight on days like that. Today though, my kids haven't slept at all so I have managed zero work, have a big deadline for tomorrow and desperately want to fit in a run. When you suffer from baby and toddler syndrome like I an today, writing would be a pleasure. Roll on hubby coming home to take over. Hope your focus turns up.x


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