How to Plan a Holiday with Another Family

Going on holiday with another family can be a fun experience that will make your friendship grow and provide wonderful memories. At home, you celebrate the highs together and drown the sorrows with a few glasses of wine, plus your kids play together all the time. But living under the same roof for a week or more is a different kind of ball game. If you don't plan properly or lay down ground rules, it can soon turn into a holiday you'll want to forget.

Here's how to have a wonderful holiday with another family and come home with friendships intact.


Aim to find a holiday home that is large enough for each family to have their own space. To avoid arguments or discrepancies, search for accommodation with two master bedrooms. For example, Tor Farm offers a self-catered cottage with two large rooms and adjoining private terraces on the ground floor. That way, there's no awkward debate about which couple gets the larger bedroom. Also aim for separate rooms for the kids. They may get on great at the park, but spending twenty-four hours a day together is something else entirely. Individual rooms for your children and for theirs will avoid tensions from building.

Discuss Expectations

Before you book, discuss what both families like to do on holiday. You may be the kind of family that likes to hike, go surfing or visit museums, but your friends may prefer to spend time relaxing around the house. There are a couple of ways you can deal with these differences. Search for local attractions and plan alternate days so you all get to do something you enjoy, or spend some time apart and regroup at dinner. Remember that going away together doesn't mean you have to do everything together.

Arrange How to Live Together

Do you prefer to stay in and cook, but they like to go out to restaurants? Do their kids consume fizzy drinks and watch TV, but yours prefer fresh juice and playing board games? Do they enforce a bed time on holiday, but you give your kids free reign? These are all things that should be discussed beforehand. Different bed times, amounts of TV and food options can make kids feel left out. Find a comfortable median to make everyone happy.

Hopefully these tips will help you have a lovely holiday with another family. Simply book and enjoy!