Time to Spring for Something New?

Judging by my Facebook feed, the annual 'we need to move!' fever is gripping the nation.  There is always a slight surge of that when the Christmas decorations come down around New Year, but the big upswing seems to always happen as we segue into spring.  Maybe it's the rays of sun hitting the cobwebs in previously dim corners, maybe it's the prospect of dealing with a winter-wasteland garden, maybe it's some primal human nesting instinct, as strong as the birds' urge to start collecting twigs and moss.  I wonder if the neolithic birth rate shot up in spring?

Whatever the reason(s), the TV is awash with property programmes, with Phil, Kirsty, Beeny et al tempting us to move, improve or extend.  Tempting as such a thought is, mostly so that the girls could have a much-longed for garden to play in, we are in no position to move at the moment.  I really struggle with the idea of paying someone else's mortgage and/or pension, and the socialist in me tends to believe that second (or more) home ownership should be made illegal.  In my ideal world, although people may choose to buy their own home, the only rental market would be of socially owned and (well) maintained property.  Holiday homes would also not be allowed.  Imagine the effect on house prices!  Home ownership would once again become affordable to normal people, and everyone that wanted to would be able to buy their own home.  Ah, when I'm PM...

In the meantime, we will carry on in our (owned) flat, which has seen so many re-jigs and different permutations over the past ten years.  Yet we continue to seek ways to alter and improve on our living environment.  The storage is just about conquered, although if Lara and Sophia get everything on their Playmobil wish lists, we may need to build a floating room outside!  But our next real mission is to do some re-painting, and probably to replace the rather knackered cream (I know!) carpet in both sitting room and bedroom.  The play room area is covered with a rug, and there's one in the sitting area too, but around the edges the cream is distinctly grey-tinged!  I'm rather tempted by oak flooring as it sounds as if it would live up to the rather heavy demands of 5 cats and 3 rambunctious small people.

What about you, what plans do you have for the spring?  Moving house, sprucing up the garden, extending, improving?  I'd love to hear what you're up to.