A Rustic Sense Of Style: Ways To Incorporate Oak Into Your Kid’s Bedroom

Adding oak in to a bedroom can give it an effortless look, particularly when complimented with rustic tones. It has long been noted as one of the most durable types of wood to make in to furniture being incredibly easy to source, all while still maintaining a classic sense of style that makes any room appear uncluttered. How can you incorporate such furniture into your child’s bedroom?  For children who love to explore the great outdoors, this is the perfect way to incorporate a little bit of nature. What about other children you ask? Well you can still find interesting ways of adding oak pieces in to your child’s bedroom, here are just a few ways how to:

Oak Bed

As obvious as it may be, an oak bed is not only a pleasant touch to a kid’s bedroom, but also incredibly sustainable for even as they grow up. It might seem a little on the expensive side of furniture, however this is a timeless piece that will go any theme you may choose for your child’s room. Ideal for the outdoorsy little tykes!

Mixing Red and White Oak

Perfect for creating something that compliments a more rustic mood, red and white oak are known to be the most common source of woodwork. Mixing between the two will give your child’s room a funky look that appears uncomplicated whilst still being incredibly durable, making it great for those who are known to be messy!

Oak Wardrobe

The classic oak wardrobe is known to be exactly that, classic. Therefore, it can be seen as more of an investment rather than something your child will outgrow within a few years. For something that gives a little more fun to the typical wardrobe, add a funky mirror to reinforce a particular theme to the bedroom.

Oak furniture is more than a sensible choice to opt for when finding furniture for your child’s bedroom. This durable piece of woodwork can be incorporated in to pieces of furniture and accessories in a majority of ways, although if you want something that will have longevity, furniture is definitely the best way forward. It is entirely complimentary to a variety of colour schemes and themes in terms of decor, making it the perfect option for a child’s bedroom.