Décor Tips For Shared Children’s Bedrooms

Children’s décor can often be a tricky thing to master for one child’s room, let alone a room that is to be shared by two children. With their constant changes in likes and dislikes, it is understandable to feel a little disheartened, particularly if they are a boy and a girl! Where some kids are lucky to have a room to themselves, big families may have to share and that can often leave parents flustered. Despite this, there are a few ways in which you can incorporate timeless pieces in to kid’s bedrooms which will keep them both content without breaking the bank:

To Bunk or Not To Bunk

Beds are always a tricky one when sharing a room as it usually means having bunk beds. Not in love with the idea of having your kids sleep on unsightly bunk beds but still need the space? Opting for a bed that has room for storage is a great way to create the illusion that your children’s room is bigger than it actually is.

Pick a Neutral Colour Scheme

In terms of mood, picking a look for your shared children’s bedroom takes a little more planning than usual. Without adding a garish split in the middle marking which side belongs to whom, try to steer clear of a theme and pick a colour scheme that will suit both children’s preferences. If the kids are a boy and a girl, that does not mean that the room itself has to be gender specific; instead choose neutral colours that can work for both of them.

Other Aesthetics

Like any other room, the aesthetics in a shared children’s bedroom need to complement each other. Although this may be tricky depending on your children’s tastes, compromising with aesthetics that will suit them both will give the room balance. A good way to achieve this is to opt for unisex colours that will be stylish and make the children want to spend time in it. Wall stickers are a particularly nice touch as it allows the theme to carry on in both space allocations for each child, whilst also making the room appear welcoming and fun.

It may be stressful having to decorate a room for two children, but it is not impossible. The most important aspect of this is making sure that both children have an equal amount of input in to how it will look. Decorating a room that allows both kid’s tastes to be represented will make them want to spend more time in the room, and give them the chance to bond with each other.


  1. I am half way through decorating my little girls bedroom, they both love Frozen so we decided to paint the room a pale purple, keep all the furniture white painted wood, and then add Frozen touches to it, i.e. pictures, bedding, cushions, etc, so that we cold change the theme without having to repaint everything.


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