Explore Nature with Beautiful Spring Books for Kids

Lara and Sophia have been enjoying two beautiful spring books this month, both designed to introduce children to nature and get them outside to discover and explore.  The girls never need asking twice when there's an opportunity to head out into the great outdoors and love to explore beaches, woods, parks, gardens, fields and forests wherever we go.  They will happily watch mini-beasts, investigate the properties of horse chestnuts or acorns, examine wild flowers, footprints or poo, and explore whatever nature has to offer for hours.  So the books Nature's Day and Wild Adventures were welcomed with open arms.

Nature's Day is a beautifully illustrated introduction to nature for children aged 5 and up.  Arranged over four seasons it encourages young readers to explore nine different settings, including their own back garden, the woods and a farm to see the way nature changes through the year.  The book begins with spring making it the ideal Easter gift and a book to treasure throughout the year.  Children are encouraged to observe the way the scenery around them changes, how nature and life expand and contract as the year turns.

Author Kay Maguire trained at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and is an enthusiastic writer on wildlife and gardening.  In this book she successfully invites young children to observe and investigate the world of wonder on their doorstep.  The book is stunning to look at, inviting, and very informative, a beautiful introduction to nature and the seasons for young children.  A real treasure trove of information and inspiration.

The second book, Wild Adventures, also encourages young people to get outside and have adventures.  Authors Brita Granström and Mick Manning share many of the fun activities they have done with their own four children, including building dens, identifying the constellations and cloud types, making secret signals, and cooking outdoors.

The book equips children with the skills to have adventures in the big outdoors, and provides some fantastic ideas, whilst also inspiring and encouraging an awareness of the natural world.  This is nature exploration at its most exciting: foraging for food, building camps, tracking, and even learning how to light a fire safely.  There are also ideas on creating art from nature finds, making plaster cast animal tracks, and making a nature collection.  All this is achieved in a warm, fun style which will appeal to children aged 6+.  It is certainly the perfect antidote to ever-increasing screentime!

I love how Mick and Brita's enthusiasm for nature and their own wild adventures comes through, and I know this is going to be a well-used book in our library in the years to come.  You can learn more about their life and adventures on their website at www.mickandbrita.com

These books would make a fantastic Easter gift, just click below to buy through Amazon, or check with your local bookseller.


  1. I know my nephew would really love "Wild Adventures" :) I'll be sure to look out for that book at my local bookstore <3

  2. These are lovely books and a great introduction to nature informations for youngsters


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