Lara's Special Things Box

Storage specialist Safestore have asked us to join in with their memory box challenge so I have created a Lara capsule!  To be honest it was a good push to get all of her special things together as before now they had been in several boxes in a total of three different locations.  But with a bit of a lump in my throat I have pulled all the disparate objects together to show all the bits and bobs which sum up the first five wonderful years of Lara.

I am rather sentimental I must admit, and tend to keep more stuff than I perhaps should, but I do enjoy looking at old cards and letters, browsing through photo albums scrapbooks, and finding little things that I have kept because of their relevance or connections to past events.  Steve has a similar approach and we decided form the outset that we were going to keep a memory box for each of the girls, including all their important things like clothing, cards and gifts, and also to keep scrapbooks for them.  We have, like almost every parent I've spoken to, failed to fill in their baby books adequately, but they have scrapbooks full of all sorts of other things, so hopefully that will make up for it!

Here are some of the things in Lara's box:

In the background you can see the gorgeous quilt my American cousin made for her.  Ideal as a play mat and fascinating to her because of all the bright colours, this saw its fair share of possets and baby-led weaning incidents!

There are the much-loved toys, including her beloved teddy chosen (grabbed and refused to let go more like!) at Harrods when we visited Father Christmas for the first time.  I'm not allowed to box him up of course, but in the box is the Jemima Puddleduck I bought for her when we first found out we were pregnant, and the Lamazae Deedee the Dragon that went everywhere with us for over two years.  She's in surprisingly good nick actually considering the adventures she had!

Of course, we have Lara's first babygrow and the tiny hat they shoved on her at the hospital.  Amazing to think that she was ever so tiny, just 7lb and as long as my forearm.  The bronze cast of her hand and foot prints is utterly fascinating to Lara.

We have kept a few things from significant events during her childhood too, such as a brochure of the Royal Wedding which my mum bought and some London Olympics memorabilia.  These things mean nothing to Lara now, but when she's older she will hopefully be interested in the events that took place during her early years.  At the moment the Hello Kitty shoes she wore to one of our dear friend's wedding, aged just six weeks, are far more interesting!

On a more personal note, we have the beautiful dress she wore for her Christening and her baptism candle, as well as an album of Christening cards and photos.  Such a lovely day and she absolutely loved it too - and looked so, so beautiful.

So many happy memories, and I can hardly believe that this gorgeous little being had her fifth birthday last week.  Can we do it all again?!

Of course the memroies are there anyway, but I think keeping those special things really does matter.  Happy birthday baby girl, here's to the next 5 years!

What have you kept from your children's baby years?  Do you have a special memory box for them?