Making Room to Grow

Every time I think I have one area of our home sorted out, something happens.  Pesky old life getting in the way!  I had the playroom end of the sitting room all perfectly organised, then we had the onslaught of Christmas and birthday presents to find homes for.  I had the bookcases arranged, then found a box full of books I had completely forgotten about.  Grr.  The main thing of course is that everything is accessible to the girls, and I think we are just about achieving that.  Here's the baby/toddler stuff in the hall for Tatiana:

 And this is the main toy storage in the playroom area, not as neat as I might like alas:

At the moment we are in a state of higgledy piggledy (again!) as we await some new bookcases for the home ed books.  The garage we started renting a few months ago has been an absolute godsend as we can juggle stuff back and forth to there as we sort out, but I do worry about the potential effects of the weather.  I have started investing in some weatherproof boxes, but they are rather pricey so it's going to take a while to swap everything outside over to those.

As you can see above, we have recently sorted out the art and craft materials, making everything easier to access, and the girls love it.  The toy storage is kind of there, despite the arrival of so many lovely presents, although I think the Playmobil is going to need its own unit soon!  In fact, I'm rather tempted to invest in spray painted sliding door wardrobes like these, just imagine what a multitude of sins you could hide behind those!!

A huge cupboard with everything stashed away would be perfect in a playroom as well as standard wardrobes, they look so stylish too.  If we got wardrobe space as well, I might even have some space for my packed away clothes.  I'm getting a bit bored of wearing the same things all the time because everything else is packed away!

We do still yearn for a garden, and some more indoor space wouldn't go amiss, but the continual evolution of this flat over the past ten years shows no sign of letting up.  We manage.  Having heard lately of two more people who have been given four weeks' notice by landlords completely out of the blue, my resolve not to put us in that difficult position has strengthened even further.  As tight as life can get with 5 people in 3 rooms, we will carry on paying the mortgage and being sure of a roof over our heads.  Maybe things will change next year, we will see.  And there's always that lottery ticket...