Quick and Easy Springtime Dècor Ideas

The coldest days of the year are now behind us, and spring has sprung. Now is the perfect time to update your decor to make the most of the longer days, just in time for Easter. The following ideas are all doable within a weekend and are designed to suit a range of budgets, so you can be spring-ready and look forward to the summer.


If you don’t have the time to spare for a full seasonal revamp, a set of new cushion covers could be just the thing. With plenty of opportunities to experiment with colour and texture, new cushions for sofas and beds can really refresh a room. For maximum impact, choose bright colours or prints to contrast with your existing furniture to add a bright pop of colour. If you are a budding sewing enthusiast, or are looking for holiday crafts for the kids, cushion covers are a great starter project as you only need a little fabric - it’s also a fantastic way to add some personalisation to a room.


Another incredibly easy and cheap way to revamp a room is to add or change the throws, particularly in a living room or bedroom. While snuggling up under a blanket is the usual decor go-to for winter, if you choose the right weight of fabric, a new throw can be a welcome addition in the spring - linen, cotton, bamboo, or lightweight quilts are all good starting points. Add a couple of layers of linen blankets for chillier days, which you can then put away for the summer. Lighter shades of yellow, green, and blue will keep you cool while making the most of the extra light.


A more dramatic way to revamp a room is to change up the curtains, especially if you need to adjust the amount of light you let into the room - for example, if you are struggling to sleep through the extra hours of sunlight, consider blackout blinds. Bright to dark block colours are most effective for blackout blinds, as lighter shades will still allow some pesky light through - blues, reds, greens, and purples are both very effective colour choices if you are considering other seasonal decor changes.


While it may not be as cold any more, a freezing tiled or wooden floor can still be unpleasant for bare feet in the spring. Because of their warm texture, fluffy rugs are much better suited for winter, but linen or foam rugs are a cool and comfortable addition to any hard floor for the spring and summer. Outdoor patio rugs make a welcome addition to many indoor rooms, too!