Sponsored Video: Knorr Presents Flavour of Home

What flavours remind you of your childhood, of home?  For many people it's the ubiquitous roast dinner, for others it will be a certain dish that their mother cooked, or a favourite treat, even the comfort food they were given when they were ill.  (Vegetable soup in front of Rainbow and The Sullivans since you ask.)

As parents we are creating these memories for our own children of course, and I wonder what our daughters will associate with home.  Pasta perhaps, or their favourite chick pea tagine, or maybe freshly pulled potatoes with butter and herbs they've picked.  A home-cooked meal with everyone sat round the table is one of the most important parts of our day, and long may it continue.  But what happens when they leave home?  Will they still come back for special meals?  Will they miss the flavour of home?

Living in Russia, I really missed simple things like certain brands of baked beans and chocolate, so my mum sent, and brought out with her, emergency supplies.  Living and working thousands of miles away in the Arctic, husky carer Carmen also found that she missed the taste of home, not to mention not being able to see her family often.  Her busy life so far away from her family and home is pretty amazing, but like everyone she misses her mum!  Here's what happened when Knorr kindly flew her mum all the way out there to cook her favourite dinner:

As soon as Carmen started her surprise dinner, she recognised the flavours of home, the tastes she grew up with.  Isn't amazing how flavour and the sense of taste can provide such a powerful connection to home?  Knorr, one of the world's largest food brands, wants everyone to reconnect with the ‘Flavour of Home’, whatever that means for you.

Jon Affleck, Knorr’s Global Brand Director says: “We believe life should be full of flavour, and what better flavour to celebrate than the taste of home. We were keen to capture a true and authentic story that brings to life how flavour is so much more than just taste; it’s about emotion.”

Recent research commissioned by Knorr found that, however much time had elapsed, most people still believe their mum's cooking to be one of the greatest flavours on earth, with 75% agreeing that one mouthful is enough to bring back memories of childhood.  By her own admission, the smoke alarm going off is usually how my mum knows dinner is cooked, so my flavour of home might have a certain charcoal tinge to it!  A whopping 82% of people worldwide said that the taste of some foods reminds them of childhood, maybe that explains my Russian chocolate and baked bean cravings!

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