Easter Adventures with Fairies

A strange thing happened just before Easter, a little door appeared in our kitchen wall!

It turned out that the fairies had been trying to get through our letterbox for ages, but found it was too high up and too stiff for them to open.  So they had decided that the only thing for it was to make their own door, and it needed to happen before Easter Sunday so that their friend the Easter Bunny could deliver his wares on time.  (I never knew that he came into the house small and then magicked himself big, did you?)

Luckily everything seemed to be working OK with the magic door, thankfully, and he had dropped off a few little eggs in advance just to check.  Lara and Sophia embraced their new friends and their magical portal with gusto and left a little bunny ring from one of their Easter cakes and a blue flower as a return gift.

The next morning, with expressions of awe and delight, the girls found a cute little bunny chocolate each, a note from their new fairy friends, Periwinkle and Bluebell, and lots and lots of glittery fairy footprints everywhere!  Wow!

Since then, the Easter Bunny has used the door for access on Easter Sunday, and there has been correspondence and gift-exchange back and forth between the girls and their fairy friends.  We have even spotted them following us when we've been out and about!

I just hope our fairies aren't going to get up to any mischief...

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