Easter Afternoon Tea

As regular readers will know, we are huge fans of afternoon tea, a neglected and dying art if you ask me!  There is nothing nicer than sitting down with a cup of tea and a slice of cake at 3/4pm, of course, but special occasions like Easter deserve a full afternoon treat.  If we are going for the full monty of sandwiches, scones, cakes etc then this will also suffice as early dinner, and the girls love it.  But then, who would say no to cake?!

High street baker Greggs has pushed the boat out on the Easter treats this year with buns, biscuits and cakes aplenty.  Their lovely fruity hot cross buns, with the perfect hint of spice, not too much, not too little, and a lovely sticky glaze are delicious.  Tatiana and Sophia adore the cute bunny biscuits with mallow eyes, nose, whiskers and ear detail.  These will look lovely in a prettily decorated Easter basket on the tea table.  Whilst Lara is torn between the frothy iced Easter Chocolate Cupcakes with mini egg decorations above and the super-cute bunny and chick ring buns below.  I think the rin gbuns might just win in her estimation as they come with a wearable plastic ring attached.  She and Sophia have carefully cleaned up their rings and put them away carefully in their jewellery boxes, very sweet.

Easter Doughnuts and Crispy Nests are also available amongst other yummy treats; prices start at just 30p each.

Asda's festively-shaped crumpets have become a staple now with Christmas trees in December and now bunny-shaped ones for Easter.  A high quality crumpet, they are crispy on the outside, gooey in the middle and perfect with lashings of butter or jam for an indulgent, and cute, Easter breakfast or high tea for the children.  Also available are the very chocolatey Double Choc Hot Cross Buns.  Steve pounced on these immediately and loved them, especially slightly warmed in the toaster.  A big hit here!

Easter and chocolate are synonymous of course, and the delicious chocolate cake from Cottage Delight, available with assorted variations and toppings, is sure to be a huge hit at tea-time.  Rich and indulgent, but still light, the butter-rich Luxury Chocolate Cake and its stablemates is available from stockists nationwide.

If you are not fans of tea, or are just looking for something extra special to celebrate with, the amazing Percy’s Vodka Iced Teas will fit the bill very nicely.  Handmade in small batches, these quintessentially British drinks are free from artificial ingredients, sugars, flavours and preservatives.  Only real fruits are used to flavour the teas, all juiced by the producer herself, and the lack of syrups and extras means the teas are not sweet and sickly, unlike some other commercially-produced drinks.

Percy's Vodka Iced Teas are available in four flavours: White Tea, Apple and Elderflower; White Tea, Pear and Raspberry; Black Tea Pear and Ginger: Black Tea, Apple, Lemon and Lime.  They are available from the Percys website and online at Not on the High Street.

We have yet to pick a favourite, although I think I am veering towards the White Tea, Pear and Raspberry, but I love this idea of re-using your favourite bottles to display flowers in once it's empty.  The striking label design lends itself perfectly to this use.

deliciously different drinks + reusable idea = win win!!

Make time for a proper afternoon tea this Easter - and enjoy!


  1. Pam Francis Gregory5 April 2015 at 17:12

    Teas sound lovely!

  2. Some yummy treats, my daughter loves choosing a treat from greggs

  3. I love afternoon tea and like some scones and jam and a victoria sponge -the trouble is I also like elevens and supper along with the usual breakfast, dinner and tea. mmm I really need to exercise more

  4. I love the cute rabbits, and the whole thing looks delicious.


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