Ensure Your Pet is Safe With a Name Tag

If you’ve just bought your first pet, then it is likely that the pet has very quickly become the centre of your universe. If you have a child, then this is especially true, as they will be in the process of creating a friendship that lasts for a lifetime. After all, everyone remembers their first pet. But, if you don’t take proper precautions to keep your pet safe, then it could get lost, and without identification people won’t know where to return it to.

One way that you can ensure that your cherished pet stays safe is with a name tag. Here’s how:

Easy Identification

If your pet wanders off while you’re away on a walk (a feeling all too familiar for puppy owners), then they can be particularly difficult to get them back. After all, at that age they’re not fully trained, and most of the chase is a game for them.

If your dog runs off in a large open space or wooded area, then it can be particularly difficult to get them back, and they could even become lost. The great benefit of a nametag here is that, if they do become lost and somebody finds them, then they will know where the dog can be returned to… and hopefully your puppy will learn its lesson, too.

Getting the Name Right

Having said that, it is important that you get the information correct on a name tag.

We train dogs to respond to their names, so if you simply place their first name on it, then it is possible someone could use the information to convince them to go with them and steal them.
As a result, you should only put your dog’s surname, as this way they are less likely to go with them. In addition, you should add your home address, so whoever finds them could return them if you’re close to home. In addition, you should also add a contact phone number (preferably a mobile) so that people can get in touch with you immediately. Doing this could be easier than you’d think, and you can easily buy engraved dog tags online from somewhere like Collars and Tags.

What Else Can I Do?

Of course, there’s also more that you can do to keep your pet safe; although an engraved dog tag is a great start. Getting your dog microchipped is a good option for if it loses its collar, while florescent collars are excellent if you regularly walk your dog in the night-time, as it minimises the chances of them getting lost in the first place. The Dogs Trust have a great help and advice section if you need more guidance.

So, there we have it. Engraved dog tags are a great way of keeping your pet safe while you’re out on a walk, but remember that there’s more you can do, too. This way, you’ll minimise the risk of them getting lost, and you’ll have a pet that stays with you for a lifetime, creating countless memories.


  1. Nobody wants their pet getting lost, but as cats and dogs have a mind of their own, this would be very useful, so when they are found again, they can be reunited. Thanks for the post.


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