Facing Up to a Wardrobe Crisis

Loving the sunshine at the moment, because well I'm not crazy, who wouldn't love it, BUT - I have nothing to wear!!!  Not that kind of panicked standing in front of a full wardrobe 'I have nothing to wear', but genuinely, nothing, zero, zilch.  Small people, they have drawers full of clothes, for every season; mama, nada.  It's probably just as well I am sofa-bound at the moment with the aggravation of old knee injury, otherwise the people of Bognor would have to put up with me in my PJs!

After the essentials, my spending priorities go:

  • clothes/shoes for smalls
  • home and garden stuff
  • clothes/shoes for Steve
  • clothes/shoes for me

Most months we get to number two on that list, occasionally we get to number three, once a year we get to number four.  My wardrobe (ha ha) consists of:

  • 1 pair jeans
  • 1 pair leggings
  • 1 pair yoga pants
  • 12 assorted tops
  • 1 'going out' outfit (rarely used)

How pathetic is that?!  Last summer I had two pairs of cut off short-type things, but they gave up the ghost at the end of summer so right now it's jeans, leggings or yoga pants.  I think it's time I spent some money on myself.  The trouble is I REALLY resent it!

Then I might shop...

Yep, the blogger who occasionally writes about fashion doesn't want to spend any of her hard-earned money on it, oh the irony!  However, a friend has sent me over to http://www.voucherbin.co.uk/ where brands are available at hefty discounts, so even I may be persuaded to buy myself some nice new things.  I better start making a summer shopping list!

The other problem is that I'm not exactly the size that I once was - three pregnancies in less than four years and over five years breastfeeding does change you! - and I am very critical of most clothing/me in the mirror, so avoiding clothes shopping is definitely an issue.  But having watched that programme on plus-size bloggers last night, and seeing how confident they are in sizes far bigger than me, does teach you a thing or too.  Maybe I should bite the bullet and get shopping, after all.

Although I do need to make sure that I don't get distracted by the other shopping categories on Voucher Bin, or we could well end up with new lighting for the kitchen instead...