How to Style Your Home Office

Working from home can be tough, but at least you get to decide how to decorate your space.  Whether you work from a glorified shed at the end of the garden, have a corner of the sitting room, or a dedicated room, your space is important.  Making a proper home office that does everything you need can be really important in helping you keep organised every day, and having things you love around you can be a great inspiration too.  So here's how to style your home office...

Know Your Space

Before you buy any furniture or decoration, measure up and make sure you have a big enough space for what you want. A tape measure is your friend.

Balance It Out

Everybody needs that work/life balance, which can be even harder to achieve when your office is in your home. Set the boundaries by keeping personal telephones, household clutter and other distractions out of sight.

Store It Well

A tidy desk is a tidy mind, right? Ditch unwanted papers and invest in a chic storage unit for important documents. Function meets fashion, tick!  You can find lots of Home Office Storage ideas here.

Inspire Yourself

Having inspiration in any form will really help with those ‘mind-blank' moments that we are all guilty of at some point! Think statement wall art to make your d├ęcor pop.  Find Wall Art you'll love.

Light Up Your Life

A well-lit area is crucial for a productive working environment. A good quality task light will ensure you're never kept in the dark.  Find the perfect lighting for your office.

How do you organise your home office space?