Our Easter 2015, Part One: Urban Adventures

We all had the most marvellous Easter, with the girls' Godfather, and my best friend, Paul visiting us from Maundy Thursday until the Tuesday after.  We had lots of fun adventures involving swings, slides, soft play, Easter egg hunts, playing shops, farms and much more, and all the other things vitally important to any aged 5 or under.  The girls LOVED it!

We had so many lovely photos from the weekend that I have divided them up into Urban adventures and Country adventures,  and today I'll share the Bognor-based fun with you.  We are very lucky where we live to have the beach a couple of minutes walk away, parks and playgrounds in all directions, all the seaside fun like the pier, amusements, crazy golf, and a mini funfair etc etc.  So there is always plenty to do here.  But Sophia's top thing to do, anywhere, is going to cafes, so we duly set off for er favourite Costa on Saturday afternoon.  A long involved game of mummies and babies meant two dollies and assorted buggies etc had to come with us too:

How happy is Sophia to be having her favourite muffins in her favourite cafe with her favourite person??!  Bless her.

On Easter Sunday, the girls woke up at 6.30am to an Easter egg hunt inside and outside which took ages, as the Easter Bunny had been very generous!  They also had a little pile of presents each to open, with their Easter baskets at the ready for the hunt to begin:

We also had some excitement at our fairy door in the kitchen as our resident fairies, Birch and Periwinkle, had left the girls a little white chocolate Easter Bunny each and a note, as well as lots of glittery fairy footprints.  There was so much glitter that speculation began about whether that was how the Easter Bunny had gained accessed, because of course he doesn't come down the chimney, that's just Father Christmas.

There was a fair on along the seafront all weekend, so we wandered along to try out the rides, although I think we spent more time on the things that are here all the time than on the just visiting bits!  Just getting there was an adventure in itself, with various bikes, scooters etc; dogs to talk to; ice creams to eat, etc.  Nothing ever happens fast in toddler world!

When we eventually got along to to where the fairground action was, Lara went on the ride-on quad-bikes for the first time.  She loved it:

Perennial favourite the inflatable bouncy slide went down well as ever:

Sophia loved making Uncle Paul go on all the rides, slides etc with her, and I think he rather enjoyed it too.

Although only Daddy would do for the big helter skelter-type slide:

Unfortuately, Tatiana is still a bit too little for most rides etc, but while the cats away... she made the most of having Sophia's ToddleBike to herself, and played with a big yellow bouncy ball:

And of course, no trip to the fairground is complete without a merry-go-round, especially if you can get a bus to drive, or a fireman's bell to ting!

Much fun had by all!  Have a look at our Easter country adventures too.

What did you do over the Easter weekend?