Our Easter 2015 Part Two: Country Adventures

As I mentioned yesterday, we had a busy Easter weekend with the girls' beloved Uncle Paul visiting.  On the Saturday we went to Petworth House for the Cadbury Easter Trail.  I'm ashamed to say that, despite stopping in the town many times, we hadn't visited the house or its grounds before,  But now that we have National Trust Membership, we will be heading back for a proper look round.  What we saw of the grounds on the Easter Trail was lovely, particularly this beautiful bright pink magnolia:

The house looked lovely too, and Lara was desperate to go in, but of course the Easter Egg Trail was outside and it was bitterly cold, so we did a fair bit of running about, had tea and snacks, and found lots of interesting animal poo, which delighted Sophia.  But I'm afraid we went the wrong way and by the time we'd thought to look at the map we were really cold, so we only found one of the eggs.  Don't tell anyone we just filled our cards in anyway, will you?

At least we got our eggs though!

The Easter Bunny was generous on Easter Sunday and we spend the morning busy at home, but in the afternoon we headed out for a long walk to a small woodland nearby, with the intention of flower-spotting and duck-feeding.  The ducks were severely over-fed and disinterested, but we did well on the flower and adventure front:

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What did you do over the Easter weekend?