Spring Adventures

Oops, I've just realised I didn't finish this post and it has been languishing in my draft folder for a few weeks.  I twisted my knee last weekend which has aggravated an old injury, so I am currently laid up and, having a bit of time on my hands, thought I would do some online tidying up, hence finding this!  So... before the mini summer hit, we were already making the most of spring, and here are some of the photos.

On the way back from my mum's we had an impromptu break in the lovely Surrey village of Chiddingfold.  Here are the girls playing amongst the daffodils around the village pond:

I love these pictures of Sophia, especially wearing that gorgeous yellow cardigan amongst the daffodils, but I wish she had put her sweets down first!!

Reckon I can probably crop this one OK:

Tatiana discovered the delights of a Choc Dipper and got absolutely covered in chocolate spread.  Bliss!

My Twitter followers may recognise this one:

Then Lara, wearing her Frozen nightdress (don't ask!), decided to play hide and seek.  Now you see her, now you don't...

Back at home, our next visit was to lovely Church Farm at the hamlet of Coombs, near Lancing, for lambing.  We love how completely uncommercial their operation is, it's literally just a farm which happens to let people in when lambing takes place.  Love it.  But next year, I must finally go into the adjacent church, which apparently has lovely frescoes Thomas Cromwell and gang missed.

The girls loved seeing all the lambs, especially the orphans who they could climb in with and stroke.

Even Tatia got in on the act, which she was delighted with:

And farmer Phi-Phi was in her element, of course.  I'm sure she's going to work with animals or nature in some way when she's older.

Lara thought it hilarious that this lamb was having a lovely sleep on it's mama's back!

The lambs were completely adorable, of course.

Sophia disappeared for a while at one point, stood at the back of the barn on her own.  After a while she came to get us, it turned out she had been standing quietly by a ewe as she calmly birthed her babies.  Sophia's quiet, reassuring presence makes her an ideal birthing companion, I think.  I shall have to remember that!  She was so proud to introduce us to 'her' family of lambs and mama and proudly watched the second lamb have its first wash, and the first lamb its first milk.  Such beautiful moments.

What have you been up to this spring?