Summer Comes Early to Sussex!

... and a lot of the rest of the country too, if my Facebook feed is anything to go by.

Here's how the beach has been looking for us in our mini April summer:

Lara and Sophia found lots of chalk pebbles and used them to draw pictures and write on the other pebbles.  They were fascinated by the idea of where chalk comes from and we discussed how the sea moves stones around from one place to another, and gradually breaks the stones down into sand.  We found some lovely fossil pieces too.

"You can even use it to write on yours self!" exclaimed Sophia.

Tatiana absolutely loved being on a new beach and exploring all the stones, then she headed for the sea to have a paddle.  Last summer she was being dunked in, this year she could paddle by herself, and she LOVED it!

A lovely day by the sea, let's hope summer continues in this vein!