A Frozen Party for Eurovision!

Last Saturday night we had a little Eurovision party, using some fabulous Frozen partyware set we had been sent by Dazzle.  They have everything you need for adults and children's parties, weddings and a host of other celebrations.  The range of character sets for children's parties is huge, with everyone from Angry Birds to Tinkerbell covered.  Lara wants a My Little Pony party next!

The Frozen set comprised a plastic tablecloth, plates, cups and serviettes, enough for 8 people.  Lara and Sophia loved it all immediately, of course, and even Tatiana recognised the characters and got a bit excited at having a special cup to drink from.  Spot the cheesy smiles!

Our party outfits and food were supplied by Tesco, who were live tweeting during the event, and we had great fun trying on all the wigs and other fun stuff in the afternoon.  Although Steve looked a little too Grayson Perry in the pink wig for my liking!!  Sophia was busy channeling various looks from the past: Bob Fosse musicals and Captain Sensible anyone?!

We prepared lots of country-themed food for the party, including our British attempt - a mini take on a Ploughman's and ubiquitous Twiglets, who can have a party without Twiglets?!

We had a European cheeseboard, British gin and Australian wine, although I still don't really understand why they were there, apart from 'cos they like it a lot!

But i was particularly pleased with our Italian efforts, although I must confess I didn't wait till the delectable Italian stallions sang their hearts out to eat it!  The Tesco finest Ciappe Italian Flatbreads are delish, you have to try them, and the antipasti range is divine too.

We enjoyed Tesco's tongue-in-cheek live tweeting during the event, and played along with the Eurovision Bingo Card, although there was definitely a huge reduction in naff this year.  Maybe the UK will finally realise that the rest of Europe takes Eurovision quite seriously and offers up genuinely great pop stars, like Sweden's Mans Zelmerlow, as contenders for the crown.  Could the days of a few middle-aged men in a darkened room deciding that washed-up has-beens (Bonnie Tyler, Engelbert Humperdink, Blue) or a dose of something 'unusual' (this year's effort!) are the best option, be numbered?  We can but hope.

See you next year in Sweden!