A Funny Kind of Month

After the warmth and sunshine of April with lots of outings and family fun, May has turned out to be a bit of an odd month so far.  The car needs an MOT and we don't have the money for it at the moment, so the car is off the road; Tatiana has had a yucky bug that has dragged on for several days; Lara's SPD has been pretty bad so she has been having a really hard time; and my knee has been playing up again.  So all in all, not a great start to the month!  Hopefully everything will be sorted out soon, before the summer begins properly anyway.  On the plus side, we live within walking distance of everything, so outings are restricted to the playgrounds, the parks or the beach locally, but fun all the same.  Here's our recent afternoon on the beach:

Lara is always better when she's had plenty of time outside, but doesn't cope very well with rain or wind or the cold.  The afternoon we went out it was rather blowy, but she managed really well, and was happy to pose by this lovely blossom we found just outside the front gate.

Our beach.  We certainly can't complain when we live two minutes' walk from this!

Ubiquitous stop to look for the best stones, although Tatiana just wanted to stay wrapped up in the sling with Daddy.

The council-installed exercise equipment on the promenade is a source of endless fascination for the girls, although they can't always reach!

One thing that does calm Lara is water, and she will happily play or sit by the sea for hours.

Meanwhile, Sophia enjoyed running down the slipway and skidding across the stones at the end!

Lara and I threw stones into the waves for a while, seeing who could shout the loudest, and then she decided we needed to play chicken with the waves.  Boy it was cold!!