Balcony Gardening: Early May 2015

The spring blooms are continuing with a vengeance, and everything else is growing like mad, much to our delight.  The combination of sunny and rainy spells at the end of April certainly seemed to help give everything a boost, and luckily the mercury never dipped too far to cause any upset or damage.  Here's this month's first dose of colour:

Tiny Sun Disc Narcissi and Delft Blue Hyacinths

Beautiful blowsy double tulips

I love the deep purple of these violas in the sunshine

Delicate, frilly Canasta tulips

Drumstick primula

The end of the Tete a Tete narcissi

A new arrival, bright OTT Dahlietta 


A lone Bluebell

And on to the fruit and veg section!  I have invested in some raspberry canes and redcurrants as I keep reading how well they grow in pots, so fingers crossed!  They seem to be settling in well enough.

The early strawberries are coming on well, with masses of flowers and lots of tiny fruits forming.

We also have signs of cucumber action on the Mini Cucumbers grafted plant we bought and Yuri ate half of!  And the tomatoes are coming on well.

I was a bit worried about space, but managed to squeeze a tiny space to fit a Cucamelon plant in.  I have been coveting one since seeing them on The Big Allotment Challenge in the winter, and when I saw them in the James Wong Homegrow Revolution section at the garden centre, I couldn't resist!  These tiny fruits look like a watermelon but taste like a citrus-tinged cucumber apparently.  I can't wait to taste one!

Expecting my Rocket Gardens veg plugs delivery, I didn't dare fill any more space with vegetables or salads, but there were a few flower vacancies in our 3m x 1m 'plot', so I bought this frothy Campanula, and some lovely pelargoniums.  I know many people think they're a bit naff, but I love them, they are so reminsicent of pretty Greek islands.

Lara fell in love with this pink (predictably) Cosmos, so that came home with us too, and she has been at great pains to water it every day and show it off to all our visitors!

Here's the bulk of the flower display, my view as I write:

What are you growing at the moment?