Do We Need End Goals for Our Kids?

Upon learning that we home educate, someone asked me last week what our end goal was with the girls' education.  Not being a particular end goal planning type, I didn't quite know what to reply.

Do conventional schooling parents have end goals in mind when they send their children to school, I wondered.  Do they send them off at the age of 4 or 5 thinking 'right, that's your path to university/college/WAGhood/dead-end-job-dom sorted?

I doubt it.  And in this ever-changing modern world, where the jobs they'll be doing possibly haven't even been invented yet, how could they?  What I do for a living now wasn't even a thing a few years ago, yet now people like Zoella are choosing it as a valid career path and becoming millionaires!  The rest of us trundle along happily enough with our online scribblings. *makes mental note to re-start YouTube channel and unbox things*

In the end I used this article I'd read about Optical Express as an analogy: vision correction started outside the eye with specs, then contact lenses, and now they can actually go into your eye to correct your vision.  Nobody saw that coming ('scuse the pun) thirty years ago, so who am I to say what my children's future might or should be.  IT's an ever-changing world. ('scuse another!)

Surely our job as parents is simply to provide for, be available for, help, and love our children.  I don't think goal-setting comes into it, unless your some crazy Tiger Mom-type.

As for us, well our unschooling approach means that, technically, we don't actually do anything, rather we facilitate, we are available, we assist, but we don't goal-set, we don't dictate, we don't even really plan.  At the moment, Lara is interested in George Washington, Ancient Egypt, the life of Jesus, and Materials and States of Matter in science.  Sophia is desperate to go to Avebury to see the stones, interested in what it was like when Jesus lived, and is fascinated by money, counting and the beginnings of addition and subtraction.  All of those completely unprompted by us, but we supply the books, the DVDs, the opportunities, the trips, the chances to find out.  No end goals in it.

I suppose the only goal I have for them, at the end of the day, is a little bit Miss World, just to be happy, however that might come.

Do you have goals for your children?