How to Choose the Right Lighting for Your Living Room

Why is it that we spend so much time planning the colour scheme of our living rooms, browsing sofa show rooms and trawling the internet to find the perfect rug, but often neglect lighting? In any room, lighting is a functional necessity, but it can also be the finishing touch to your design. However, in the family hub of your home, the way you light your living room can change the ambience and transform the space.

Here are some things to consider when buying lights for your living room.

Layer it Up

There are no design guides that say you can only have one light, but if you're an interior design novice, then you might be wary of trying different styles. However, you can never have too many lights, so layer it up with a combination of ceiling, wall mounted sconces, floor and table top lamps.

Create A Statement

Whether the interior design of your living room is monochrome, retro, or offers a taste of the orient, lighting can add a new dimension to your theme. Don't be afraid to experiment here, whether with texture, shape, design or colour. Rather than choosing a run of the mill lampshade, use your lighting to express elements of your design.

A ceiling light is a great opportunity to create a statement, so be bold and choose a light that will make in impact. Depending the style of your living room, you could go for an oversized steel pendant, a gothic chandelier or a contemporary ceiling light.

Mix and Match

To tie your lighting together, it's important that they have a unifying quality. If you have an art deco lamp, a modern geometric ceiling light and a tripod floor lamp, they're going to clash. While it's fun to mix and match lights, but you need to know how to do it correctly to make sure they look right together. You can do this by choosing different styles in one colour, or an eclectic mix of lights from one design theme.

Install Dimmers

No matter what type or style of lights you choose, installing a dimmer will help to add atmosphere to your living room. A dimmer is perfect for movie nights, creating a romantic mood after the kids have gone to bed, or adding a feeling of warmth on cold winter evenings. To help, here are some instructions on how to install a dimmer.

Proper Placement

Not only do you want to display your beautiful lighting, but you need to put it somewhere that's practical. Before you purchase, consider where you would put the light, what it would be used for, if it's up to purpose and if it's the right size. If you have children, placement is also important to avoid hazardous trailing cables.