Prepare for 11+ Success with Letts

Even with earlier testing such as SATs, the 11+ exam is one of the biggest challenges your child will face during their school career.  Many primaries will help to prepare the children for their 11+ test, but every bit of additional support and practice you can offer as a parent is invaluable.  Whether your child is preparing for the CEM or GL Assessment 11+ Tests, the new series of Letts 11+ Success books offers lots of realistic practice for 11+ success.

One of the most difficult aspects of the test is how different it is to other tests and primary school work.  The Letts 11+ Success books ensure that children become familiar with the style and feel of the test, building confidence and helping to ensure success.  The range offers practical tests for all of the test areas: English, maths, verbal-reasoning and non-verbal reasoning.

The English writing task is not standardised, but test papers are available in all of the required standard English skills: reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, spelling and punctuation.

The Mathematics and Numerical Reasoning questions are designed to test whether a child has attained the required standard of mathematical skills, reasoning and problem-solving.  As well as test questions, Letts offers a selection of number facts that will be invaluable to children taking the 11+ test, and associated mental maths tests.

One of the hardest parts of the test to teach is Verbal Reasoning, and the opportunity to practice these kind of questions is invaluable.  Verbal reasoning questions help to assess a child’s ability to use, understand and analyse language.  Careful analysis of word structures, patterns and spellings requires stringent reasoning and logical thinking.  The results reveal the child's ability to interpret, understand, use and manipulate words, skills that can reveal a child's potential for learning across the curriculum.

By contrast, non-verbal reasoning assesses the child’s ability to see patterns and relationships independently of language.  They will be asked to deduce, analyse and infer from close observation in questions that feature shapes, pictures and patterns.  This provides evidence of a child's ability to work with abstract concepts, and is a reliable indicator of future learning and success in a number of subject areas.

Your child will benefit from practice in all of these areas, and working with their teachers you can determine which they need most practice in.  The process of familiarising your child with the format and style of the test questions will also help to minimise the stress of sitting the tests.

Letts suggests liaising with your child's current school from at least a year before the test date, elucidating their areas of strength and weakness.  From this you can begin to prepare for the tests by creating a programme of practice for the months ahead.  Ensure that the planned work is weighted towards the skills your child needs most practice in.

Practice test papers are ideal to:

  • Familiarise your child with the test format
  • Build on and hone existing skills
  • Provide invaluable practice at answering questions in a limited time period
  • Assess progress and target areas that need further practice

The Letts 11+ Success Range includes a wide range of books, priced from £8.99 each.