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Did you join in with World Baking Day today?  What did you bake, and who for?  Did you even have a go at the Coconut, Mango and Lime Cake recipe from last week?  The girls and I made it for Steve today and here's the finished product - ta dah!

Ah, the experience of making cakes with three small people aged 5 and under; where do I begin?!  Luckily, Tatiana was in the sling and slept through the baking part, but I still had two pairs of enthusiastic and inquisitive hands to keep an eye on.  Having assembled everything we needed in advance, it wasn't too bad actually, although we did end up with a rather mucky worktop at the end!!  Here's Lara and Sophia getting stuck in:

We bake with the girls fairly often and they do love weighing things out (great maths practice), mixing and adding ingredients, and of course cracking eggs!  We even had an in-depth discussion about the need to weigh ingredients very carefully in baking but not in 'normal cooking' (Lara), and why this mattered to the chemical reactions that take place in baking.  Home education in action, people! :-)

Steve was delighted with his surprise cake when he got home from work, although perhaps not with the mountain of washing up, which hadn't quite been dealt with by the time of his return...  (Bit of a busman's holiday there!)

The cake itself, created by WorldBaking Day sponsors, Stork, is a delight.  If you didn't make it today, make sure you do soon.  This would be a perfect treat for the Bank Holiday weekend, or any upcoming summer events you have planned.

Rather than make one very deep cake and then slice into three, we split the mix between three sandwich tins and cooked the mix for around 20 minutes (keep an eye on it).  The recipe produced a light, frothy, almond-dense sponge with flavours of lime, coconut and mango.  With buttercream and mango puree to sandwich the layers, and a lime flavoured glace icing on the top, it is just divine.  A really delicious cake.

You can see more World Baking Day bakes over on social media using the hashtag #WorldBakingDay.

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  1. Gorgeous cake, Leta! I'd love to try it, though I prefer to bake with a real butter.


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