Balcony Gardening: Late May 2015

A quick update on how the balcony is looking before we head off on holiday.  It's all starting to happen out there, and there will definitely be things to pick when we get back.  The bees are a-buzzing and we have been visited by a couple of sparrows and a blue tit, apparently keen to rid us of any potential pests - I just hope they don't take the good stuff too!

The raspberry canes are in bud, flower, and the beginnings of fruit, which is rather exciting.

The tomatoes have come on really well in the last two weeks, with the later varieties climbing rapidly up their supports and needing tying in each week, and the earliest forced ones even producing some ripe fruit already.  A lot of these will be ripe by the time we get back.

Same for the little orange peppers, which are delicious.  The girls have been munching on them straight form the plant and love them.

Here's our harvest so far:

The cucamelon has gone all wild and traily and is clinging on to anything it can find.  I have a cucumber growing next to the gooseberry bush too which is using the branches as a support, rather than the nice willow stick I secured it too!  And we even have a first strawberry busily ripening.

The Rocket Gardens delivery settled in extremely well, with rocket, beetroot, several lettuce varieties, cabbages, peas, more tomatoes, dwarf green beans, cucumbers, courgettes, carrots and some more potatoes all finding their new homes alongside our already burgeoning collection of broccoli, broad beans, tomatoes, mini cucumbers, cucamelon, peppers, herbs, strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants and gooseberries.  It's quite busy out there!

And not forgetting my happy dose of colour too, of course, with these gorgeous Dahlias enjoying the sunshine but not the wind and rain.  I don't know why I was anti-dahlia for so long because these smaller versions are just gorgeous.

My Mediterranean medley of Pelargoniums are doing as well as they always do in such a sunny, South-facing spot.  They love it, and so do I, they bring a smile to my face every morning.

The Dianthus I planted last year have come back well after cutting them to almost nothing at the beginning of the year.  They are such sweet, delicate little flowers.

I adore this Nemesia which is such a cloud of tiny palest pink and yellow loveliness.

Speaking of clouds, this frothy Antirrhinum is a new addition that Sophia and I picked out at the garden centre last week.  It's just so pretty with the palest lemon blending to a deeper buttercup colour.  It makes a lovely backdrop for the pale violet violas in front of it too.

Lara's Cosmos is doing surprisingly well despite the wind we've had lately, and she is still eager to visit and water it each day.  Such a deep, deep colour, it looks like velvet.

And finally, we have our first sweet pea!  My only regret is that it is growing on the outside of the railings, so can be seen from outside the balcony rather than inside.  Let's hope there are lots on my side by the time we get back from holiday.

Happy growing everyone!