Busy Busy Busy

Three years I've been doing this now, and yet I still forget the rhythm to the year.  April and early May, really quiet, June and July absolutely bloomin' manic!  We've got a slew of restaurant reviews to organise (not a great hardship, of course), lots of posts to write up, all the usual admin etc to do, and lots of London trips coming up.  It's Christmas in July after all, not to mention BritMums Live this weekend.  And somehow we're going on holiday again in the middle of it all, must be mad!!

Glassesd or contact lenses?

Rather foolishly, I decided to get new glasses in June two years ago, so a reminder duly arrived from Optical Express last week.  So I better work out which day(s) we're going to be around locally to make an appointment.  I only wish I'd chosen a quieter time of year!

I've kind of got out of the habit of wearing contact lenses in the past few years and wonder if I should go back to it again.  It sounds a bit vain, I suppose, but I don't want the girls to always think of me as having worn glasses.  Lara even said to me the other day that I looked funny without my glasses on, because she has got so used to me wearing them.  I think that means I'll need two separate appointments though, aaarrggh, where am I going to find the time?!

Luckily, at my last appointment, my eyes had actually got a bit better, perhaps because I try to do the Bates Method of eye exercises - when I remember anyway!  Best to get them checked though, especially with all the eye health checks they do too.  I think Steve is going to be joining me for the eye test as well, as he says he is struggling to read small print now.  Poor old man ;-)  Best schedule appointments for both of us.

We might need to find an extra parent or another six hours in the day first though...

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