Family Celebrations are a Funny Thing

How did you celebrate Father's Day yesterday?  We had had such a crazy few weeks that I hadn't even managed to sit down with the girls to wrap Steve's presents or write his cards, oops.  Luckily, Mr Laidback isn't that bothered about that kind of thing, so was delighted anyway.  And we did manage to get out for a nice lunch with friends, so not all bad!  I'm still waiting for my 'proper' Mother's Day too, as we had a fun but rather slapdash one back in March too.  I don't know how people manage to get all these wonderful things organised, we just have too much else to do in life!

Celebrations are a funny thing aren't they?  We have all three girls' birthdays very close together just before and in the two months after Christmas, and it's darn hard work trying to come up with all the ideas and get everything organised and wrapped, parties organised and all the rest of it repeatedly from November till February.  A friend of mine often holds her daughter's birthday party on 21st June, rather than her actual birthday of 21st December, and I can see why.  Sophia's due date was Christmas Day, but luckily she held off till 4th January.  I don't think 25th December would be much fun as a birthday really.  My Godmother always hated having hers then.

Having our three's birthdays so close together was perhaps inevitable as we always said we would have approximately 2 years between them, so there's 22 months between Lara and Sophia, and 23 between Sophia and Tatiana.  We'll have to wait and see where number four's birthday falls.  And then of course there will be a Christening to organise, which we always try to have during the summer months as it's so lovely to celebrate a new baby with the sun shining.  Better start saving for that!

Talking of summer, when we come to August, there's Steve's and my birthdays less than two weeks apart, and our wedding anniversary in the middle.  Never rains but it pours, eh?!

We saved hard for our wedding and, mostly, did what we wanted, but at the time we felt obliged to invite a lot of people and made certain compromises to do that.  Had it been up to Steve and I we would have gone back to Santorini, where he proposed, and had a simple wedding at sunset with perhaps a handful of friends, then a blessing and party afterwards.  We sometimes talk about doing something like that for a renewal of vowels and recently took out a long-term investment to that end.  I'll let you know if and when it happens!

What family events are you saving for?

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