It [Was] National Picnic Week!

We LOVE picnics in this family.  I think the girls would quite happily eat al fresco on a beach, in a field, or at the park, most days, even when the weather isn't great.  This year our first picnic was on 4th January, at WWT Arundel on Sophia's birthday, and we pretty much haven't stopped picnicking since then.  Yet last week's big picnic event passed us by.  So why didn't you hear anything from us about National Picnic Week when it was actually on (13th - 21st June)?

Picnic hamper from Le Pain Quotidien

To paraphrase Alan Carr: what a week it was!  Just crazy.  I had meetings in London at the start of the week so was up and down on the train like a mad thing, then Steve was ill mid-week, and then I had two days of BritMums Live, again in London.  I was quite glad to get to yesterday to have a day off!  (Father's Day involved some hastily written cards, unwrapped presents, and a lie-in for me, but we did have a nice lunch out with friends which helped.)  So I'm afraid I am only just managing to talk about National Picnic Week (that was) today - sorry!

We have been sent lots of yummy food and drinks for our What's New In Our Picnic Basket feature, the summer version of What's New In Our Kitchen, and I will try to get posts about those up this week and next, to give you lots of inspiration for what you can take on your next picnicking sojourn.

But if you are in London this summer and in need of an instant picnic, head down to your local Le Pain Quotidien for their ready-packed hamper, the perfect combination of goodies for a picnic in the park with friends or colleagues.  With locations across London, including one handily located near Kensington Gardens and Marylebone High Street for Regent's Park, this service is a brilliant and delicious idea for an impromptu lunch in the sun.  We're trying one tomorrow, so look out for our thoughts!

Where do you like to picnic?

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  1. Ooh we love picnics too! Nothing beats a good picnic in the park while the kids play! H xx

  2. We love picnics especially on a beach.Haven't done that for a while though. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. We like to take picnics to the local parks nearby and catch up with friends while the kids run off and play


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