The Best Summer (Winter) Bouquets in Britain and Australia

Everyone loves to receive a beautiful delivery of flowers, whether it's to say happy birthday, thank you, thinking of you or just a plain hello.  There are so many beautiful bouquets around at the moment, and the ranges offered by many online stores is growing all the time.  With wonderfully-scented stocks and sweet peas, effusive peonies and Avalanche roses, summery shades of pink and purple abound.  But there are also the more unusual arrangements, like this stunning Azure Blue Bouquet.  Here are some of our other current favourites:

I love the idea of having a keepsake after the flowers are gone, so this Emma Bridgewater Sweet Peas & Peony Jug is a brilliant idea, and such beautiful blooms too!

A huge change has occurred in the last 18 months or so, in which I have become a total gardening convert.  I have withdrawal symptoms if I miss Gardener's World, I effuse about my balcony to anyone who will listen, and I swooned for an entire week over the delights of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.  So I think this bouquet inspired by the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is just wonderful.  I definitely need to get a ticket next year!

I recently sent this very British scented stocks and roses to a friend for her birthday, but was a bit stumped when another dear friend was celebrating her birthday in Australia.  She's on a work exchange thing for a year and loving it, but of course hearing from people at home on your birthday is always going to be welcomed.  I thought about sending a gift of some description, having assumed that I wouldn't be able to order flowers from here to there after some previous issues with such things.  But I struck lucky!  I found an online florist,, that delivers bouquets to Melbourne or any cities across Australia and overseas too.  And how gorgeous is their packaging?!  Love that olive-come-palm green ribbon.

The only problem then was, what flowers are in season in Australia during winter for goodness' sake?!  Thankfully their Florist Pick service came to the rescue, with a unique bouquet handcrafted from the season's best flowers.  Hence, a beautifully wrapped bouquet of in-season flowers reached my friend on the right date and she was absolutely delighted.  Thanks Fresh Flowers!