What Makes Your Cat Happy?

As all cat lovers know, our feline friends are rather perverse creatures at the best of times.  Buy them a scratch post and the sofa will always be more appealing; give them their own bed and they'd far rather sleep on your head/armchair/newspaper; the one thing you can say is that they are predictable in their unpredictability!  To borrow from Churchill (not something a Pacifist does often!), a cat is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.  But somehow that cute face, wide eyes, and butter wouldn't melt expression has us fooled every time:

Are you under his spell yet?  In the UK, 7.9 million of these bundles of fur and purrs have us under the spell, and willing to do whatever it takes to please our fur baby.  A whopping £4.6bn is expected to be spent on pets this year, and you can be sure a large portion of that is for the felines who have captured our hearts and homes.

Regular readers will know we have 5 much-adored house cats, three half-Siamese and two Bengal-cross.  They have the run of the house, and definitely rule the roost.  They sleep on the sofa, the chairs, and the bed, and woe betide you if you move them!  They wake us when it's breakfast time (5am at the moment!), and let us know in no uncertain times when the biscuit bowl is empty or the cat litter needs changing.  Our beautiful fur babies are worshipped and adored, with thousands lavished on their care each year.

Cat gym or box?  Guess which one he'll choose!

But these contrary little creatures change the rules constantly, don't they?  Just when you think you have the favourite toy/sleeping place/treat sussed, the rules change.  GRR.  It's like working at that 7* hotel in Dubai!  New cat gym, sir?  New bed?  New toy?  None of those pleases you?  No problem sir, what else can I get you?

If you are owned by a cat, this video from Felix will have you nodding along with a wry smile and a big LOL!

Ah, so true.  In our house, any boxes that come through the door are prime real estate and must be left in certain prime positions for occupation; cat toys are discarded in favour of a rogue piece of dried pasta or a hair band; cat beds are scorned in favour of dolls' prams and, yes, my laptop; and the scratching post is left pristine while the sofa is wrecked.  But one thing will bring them all running to the kitchen for a few moments of peace and harmony: the rustle of the Felix pouches!

Hands up if you recognise this!

What do your crazy cats do?  What do you recognise from the video?

Post sponsored by Felix, but all thoughts are genuine and Felix is their food of choice!

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