A Feline of Distinction: The Gourmet Cat

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How do you feel about celebs?  Would you be starstruck by Swift, knocked for six by a Kardashian, or go weak at the knees for Harry Styles?  (Don't worry I haven't got all hip, I Googled them!)  While I might have an attack of the vapours if Robert Downey Jr suddenly appeared in front of me, I've always been one to take celebrity in my stride.  Years in West End theatre seeing or working with this person or that means that don't impress me much (thanks Shania), in fact the only person who truly stood out to me when I met him was the late, great Peter Cushing who was just such a gentleman and such a delight to talk to.  That impressed me.  But apart from RDJ, and maybe Brad Pitt, the only other chap who could make my knees weak is this guy:

How gorgeous?!

But have you ever given a thought to how hard the life of the rich and famous is?

Luscious Archie has just made his first behind-the-scenes video which shows just how hard his life as the Gourmet® Cat Food Connoisseur is.  Imagine, if you will, all the hard work that goes into kitty acting: the sleeping; the rolling about on comfy beds; the tasting of delicious, meaty Gourmet® food - only the best will do of course.  It's SUCH a hard life!  And there are only so many human assistants to go round too.  Have a look here for all Archie's acting tips, and an insight into his life as one of the top cats in the business.

Yep, working for Gourmet® can be tough when you are the star performer, I mean imagine stealing the show every single day!!  To hear more about Archie's (not so) tough life, and his gold-paved journey from regular kitten to Gourmet stardom, check out the interview and photos over on Meet Archie.  There may even be a competition for you to enter...

You humans have never had it so good!

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  1. He is gorgeous!! My Toby would so love to model for the Mon Petit pouches! (His fave!)

  2. He's gorgeous! I had a Persian cat just like him and was probably the most friendliest cat we've ever had


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