A Few Life and Admin Hoo-hahs!

You know when you're insanely busy, don't know when sleep might happen, have a to do list as long as War and Peace, and are actually starting to go slightly doolally?  Yep, that.  On top of that, Facebook decided to shut me out for several days and forced me to change my name; Networked Blogs has decided to go peculiar; and apparently every time I update an old post many subscribers are seeing it as a new one!


Right, deep breath...

This week and next are just crazy, but I will update when I can.  Do make sure you're following on social media (links below) to keep up with everything that's going on - and get some Christmas shopping ideas!  I'll see you on the other side!

Thank you to all of you who sent messages about Steve when he was rushed to hospital last week.  Thankfully it wasn't a heart attack after all, but they are still investigating exactly what happened.  He is at home and resting (as much as is possible with three small people), and will hopefully be able to go back to work soon.  Thanks for your support.

Oh, and if you followed by Networked Blogs, please subscribe by e-mail or via Bloglovin' instead.  Hopefully they will be more reliable!

Have a good week, L.

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  1. Oh dear! What a hoo-hah indeed!
    Have a relaxing weekend and I hope your hubby is ok xx

  2. Twitter shut me out for several days. Apparently, there is a follow limit. Dang!

    Praying for Steve.

  3. Hugs, Leta! My to do list is as long as Tolstoy's work as well. I feel like giving up blogging, just too much hassle


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