Five Quick Tips That Will Help You Save a Fortune When Hiring Rental Cars

If you're planning to hire a car this summer, these money-saving tips are for you!  Just make sure you know exactly what you're renting...

Road tripping with your family is meant to be lots of fun, but worrying about money while you are on the road can actually take all of the enjoyment out of the trip.

So it is great to know that there are many strategies that will help you to save money while you are on your journey and one of these has to do with saving money when renting a car for your trip (if you don’t own one).

These money saving tips can actually be applied to many other destinations as well, but let’s focus on the UK for the moment.

• Don’t rent at the airport: If you select the airport as your pickup location, the costs are likely to be greater than if you hire at the city or a suburb away from the airport. This is because car hire in the UK airport will add the cost of airport levies and taxes. Yes, it is more convenient to drive away from the airport in a rental car, but if you want to save money, then grab a taxi or hop onto the train – because you can make significant savings by hiring a car away from the airport.

• Check out airline discounts on rental cars: Most airlines partner with car rental companies, which benefits not only the airline and the rental company, but also rental customers as well. This is because when you hire a car from a rental agency that is partnered with an airline, you not only earn reward points, but you can also take advantage of any discount offers they have on at that time. The savings can be substantial, so it is always worthwhile investigating airline reward and loyalty programs.

• Drop the car off at the airport: Whilst picking a rental car up at the airport can be expensive, actually dropping one off at the airport can save you money. This is because rental companies usually have no problem renting cars at the airport and so they don’t charge you any more money to drop your car off at their rental location, whether it is in town or at the airport.

• Coupons: Everyone loves a good coupon and so it only makes sense to look for rental car coupons, before you leave on your holiday. All you need to do is a quick online search for a rental car company and the word ‘coupon’ and you will easily find all of their current promotions. You can save up to 50% or more by using these discount coupons – a considerable saving on paying full price for car hire in the UK.

• Compare prices: Aside from listing all the available rental cars, car rental comparison sites like DriveNow offer competitive rates when you book with them. What’s surprising is prices are often lower than booking your UK car hire directly from suppliers such as Avis, Budget, etc.

With these quick tips you are sure to save some serious money on your next car hire in the UK.

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