It's almost impossible to avoid a certain bunch of little yellow critters this month and, although we have yet to see the film, the girls are definitely minion-crazy!  The film follows the miniion tribe through history as they journey from serving the ferocious T-Rex and the Egyptian Pharoahs to attempted domination by Napoleon's armies.  Throughout history, through tragedy and triumph, three courageous minions stand out: Kevin, Bob and Stuart.  Their courageous exploits are the focus of the new movie.  Oh and one slightly ominous-looking one called Steve!!

I think the mask might suit Tatiana better!

And she loved the inflatable banana that came with it!

To celebrate the film, we have minion emblazoned malt loaf, sweets and more, and a host of other excitements.  many have come to our door, so here's a quick rundown of all things minion:

Minion Top Trumps

The classic competitive card game comes yellow-hued as we follow Kevin, Bob and Stuart through the greatest eras in history.  The pack contains 30 themed feature cards, each highlighting a different movie themed mission and different characters.

Minions Top Trumps packs are available from Tesco, priced £4.99.  They are suitable from age 3 up, with the younger end of the spectrum enjoying just looking through and sorting the cards as Sophia is here:

Crayola Minion Colouring Book

The new Colour Alive range from Crayola makes colouring come to life giving children aged 4+ the opportunity to see their creations come to life and leap off the page.  Simply colour the images with the special pens, download the free Colour Alive App, available on both iOS and Android, and use the device's camera to make the drawings come alive!

Sophia loved her special parcel...

With 16 pages of cute minion characters depicted in a variety of eras and scenes from the film, there's lots to colour, and lots of different fun animated elements.  Crayola Colour Alive is available from leading retailers nationwide, priced at £6.99 per pack.

To be honest, Sophia wasn't that bothered about the whole app thing,
but she does love colouring the minions in!

Crayola has a range of other Minion-themed products which are widely available.

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