On Safari at Marwell Zoo #OnSafariWithThree

Last weekend we went on a sunset safari!  We were invited to Marwell Zoo after hours to go on a private safari, capturing photos of the animals on an LG Spirit handset from Three, and enjoying a barbecue after.  Unfortunately, the weather didn't play ball so there was no sunset and it was rather grey and a bit drizzly but, unperturbed, the girls had a brilliant time and loved seeing all the different animals.  Here we are getting ready to go - and getting to know our new furry Three selfie stick!!

The penguins proved rather elusive (I think it was bedtime!), and I was left wanting the super-zoom of my camera.  I guess it's because I'm not used to taking photos on a phone, but these aren't great unfortunately.  But uploading them direct to social media hardly seemed to dent the £10 Pay As You Go credit from Three* which was impressive.

But the cheetah proved a little keener to come to see us!

As regular readers may know, my feelings about zoos are rather ambivalent, but we were impressed with how well the animals looked at Marwell, and how much space they had.  Of course it is amazing to come up close to these wild animals, but with the wide availability of air travel and high quality nature programmes on television, do we really need zoos these days?  I'm not sure.

But on the subject of seeing animals up close, the giraffes were particularly impressive, and obviously very attached to their keeper who was with us.  Giraffes have been one of Lara's favourite animals for a long time, and after this encounter she is even more in love!

The meerkats were adorable of course:

Tatiana was fascinated by everything, from the gravel and the grass to the trees and shrubs, and even the animals.  Lara coped well with being in a new place with people she didn't know for most of the time, and loved helping Tatia and Sophia spot the animals.  Here she is showing them where a leopard might be...

 Can you spot her?

We loved the barbecue afterwards in the impressive surrounds of Marwell Hall, and it was lovely being able to explore the zoo after hours with no-one else around.  Thanks for our fun evening out, Three!

* Three's Pay As You Go rates are the lowest on the UK market at 3p a minute for calls, 2p a text, 1p per MB of data.
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  1. Glad you had fun. Your kiddos are soooooo cute!

  2. We loved Marwell when we visited a few years ago, there is so much freedom and space there it never feels too busy. Such a shame it drizzled for your BBQ but at least you all still had a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.


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