Review: Tiggly Learning System

Regular readers may know that I have some suspicions about the combination of young children and technology, but occasionally we come across something on our home ed journey that makes so much sense and will be so useful that I embrace it wholeheartedly.  The innovative new learning system Tiggly is one of those.

Tiggly comprises of three sets of chunky physical shape/number/letter toys which are designed to work with a suite of learning apps, these can be downloaded onto iPad and Android devices.  The use of physical shapes, numbers and letters alongside the apps promotes motor skills and helps embed the intellectual learning taking place too.  I have tried to lay out the ins and outs of each of the sets below. but the best thing to do is to watch the videos as that really shows you how it all works.  When we were asked to review, I didn't really 'get' Tiggly - until I watched these videos, then I realised how brilliant it is!

Tiggly Shapes contains 4 shapes, as you can see above, and works with three apps: Safari for shape recognition in a possible 10 languages; Stamp for story composition; and the musical app Draw where shapes play the sound of different instruments to help with creativity.  It is aimed at 2-5 year olds.

Tiggly Maths also has three apps: Chef for recipe creation and cooking which uses the 5 physical number rods included to help the cute cartoon chef create weird and wonderful recipes, again in 10 languages; Cardtoon to create pictures with however many pieces of cardboard; and Addventure which introduces the concept of number lines and helps with counting and beginning skills like multiplication.  Our little mathematicians Lara and Sophia love Addventure and Chef, probably their favourites of all the games.  It is aimed at 3-7 year olds.

Tiggly Words contains the 5 vowel letters and introduces phonics, word building, long and short vowels, nouns and verbs.  It has three apps, Tales for storytelling with simple spellings and rhyming words in the CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) pattern (e.g. big bug bag); Submarine for spelling patterns, learnign short vowel sounds and spelling patterns; and Doctor for learning more than 100 verbs, as well as short and long vowel sounds.  Its is aimed at 4-8 year olds.

Skills developed, beyond maths and literacy, include: spatial awareness; self-expression; the ability to make, and learn from, mistakes; problem solving; story telling and recount; and memory building.  All of the apps have different levels that get harder as the child gains more experience, so they continually stretch and reinforce learning.

We really like the combination of physical toys with apps, combining an experience that would not be possible through one of these alone.  The girls have learnt loads already through using these apps and toys, and moved their number and letter recognition on, as well as attempting early spellings and simple maths.

Tiggly products are priced from £24.99 per set, and are available through the Amazon links above, and also from, Currys.

For our US readers, they can be purchased through at $29.95 each.

Whether you home ed or not, we highly recommend!
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