Tatiana: 19 Months Old

Having missed Tatiana's 18 month point in June, I thought I'd write a quick update now.  Our gorgeous little strawberry-blonde is changing all the time and practising new skills every day.  She is fiercely independent, full of mischief, into everything, very sociable, and loves to make her sisters laugh.

Tatiana loves to dress up, to eat (probably more than any baby you have ever seen!), loves a cup of tea whenever Mummy has one, and climbs like a monkey.  She made it to the top of our local soft play on her own last week!

She loves to play with dolls and cuddle teddies, insists on playing with proper LEGO rather than Duplo, and sings "Let It Go!" with Lara's Sing-along Elsa.  She adores ducks and geese and shouts "quack quack" at every bird she sees.

She comes out with new words and phrases every day, her current favourites are "Here I am!", "Hello there!" and "I did it!".  She loves to count pairs of things, waving two fingers at you whenever she sees two things the same together, whether that be cats, cows or blocks.

She's an affectionate little thing, liberally dispensing cuddles and kisses to all of us, and makes every day beautiful with her smile, craziness and sunny nature.  We love you little girl!

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