The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of (Or You Know You're a Homeowner When...)

I have a confession to make, I don't know (or care) who Robert Pattinson, Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Gosling are.  I wouldn't know them if I fell over them in the street, nor would I recognise anyone from One Direction or whatever the other latest top boy band is.  Some years ago I would have considered such general ignorance nearly unforgivable, but a few years without a TV and a couple immersed in Russian culture not yoof culture, and I was (thankfully) cured of the need, and desire, to know such things.  Give me Beethoven over boy bands, and an utterly convincing character actor of David Morrissey or Michael Emerson's calibre over any Hollywood hottie.  No, my daydreams and lust lists feature far, far more mundane things: gardens and plants, kitchens and KitchenAids, books and bookcases.


In fact, I am even having dreams about kitchens at the moment.  I kid you not!  Ours was fitted just before I bought the flat ten years ago and is definitely starting to show signs of wear and tear, although it's a bit like a lived-in face, every crease and crack tells a story.  A bashed bit of worktop or a dodgy cupboard door hinge is one thing, but when the cooker extractor hood decided to descend and hang perilously last weekend, after having one too many cats leap on it, I began to face the fact that we may need to replace...  Hence the kitchen dreams.

But do we go for stylish and functional, pleasing on the eye but not too modern or too traditional:

Or this modern take on Shaker style, which is fast becoming very cool again this year:

Love how the almost clinical white is tempered by the dark wood worktop.

Or do we go with neat, shiny and ultra-modern:

I am loving the clean lines here, and is it just me that finds this bang-on-trend grey a bit swoonsome?

One thing I would dearly love, but am not sure we could fit in to our current kitchen is one of these islands, perfect for entertaining and joining in with everything else going on in the kitchen.  They're a bit masculine in a way, perfect for showing off your cookery skills at dinner parties!  But I think it would be great for family life too: the kitchen is the heart of the home for most of us after all.

Who knew kitchens could be so tricky?!

What style would you prefer?

Or is Ryan Gosling still top of your lust list instead?!

All kitchen photos courtesy of Kitchens Plus

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