WWT Arundel July 2015

We made another visit to our local Wildfowl & Wetland Trust at Arundel last week, and met lots of gorgeous fluffy goslings of different hues and sizes.  The Nene were nearly fully grown, whilst the Canadas were still definitely babies.  Tatia loved wandering about making new friends, although some of the parents were a little wary and hissed a bit.

Elsewhere, there were beautiful fluffy grey cygnets (how could they be 'ugly' ducklings?!), and bandy-legged coot and moorhen babies and parents.

Even the mallards looked different as the males transitioned into their summer eclipse plumage and began to resemble their female counterparts more closely.  The girls had forgotten this from last year, and were fascinated by the idea that the males changed colour entirely.

The plants had also changed form our last visit over a month ago and Lara particularly was interested to point out the new flowers and foliage she spotted.  My best camera got broken when I had a fall in Devon so these close-ups aren't great, but here are a few of the plants we spotted:

In the fairy clearing, we spotted a few of the resident elves, with a red-trousered, pink-hatted fellow reappearing a few times.  Tatiana loved climbing on the tree stumps and jumping off, just look at that cheeky little face!

The girls loved climbing on the beautiful carved chair too, although trying to get good group photos proved as tricky as ever!

At the end we spent some time in the playground, where Sophia was delighted to have finally conquered the wobbly bridge on her own, and Lara the narrow single log bridge.  A fun afternoon.

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