A Kaleidoscope to Drive Away the Grey #sparkyourcity

What a grey August it has been!  I nearly put the heating back on yesterday especially as the girls are feeling a  bit unwell, it's just horrid.  I'm sure most of us are hankering after colour and brights after all this drizzle, torrents of rain and grey, cloudy skies, and London got a great dose of colour on Thursday.  As part of the latest global movement from trendy bag brand Kipling, Sutton Walk on the south bank of the Thames was transformed into a giant kaleidoscope full of pattern and colour.

The aim of Spark Your City is to spark joy into everyday city life by using creative women to spread an infectious message of happiness.  For this amazing interactive experience, Kipling partnered with Countryfile and former Blue Peter presenter, Helen Skelton, whose wonderful kaleidoscope installation was available to entertain parents and children alike all day yesterday.  Sutton Walk was turned into a giant, mesmerising kaleidoscopic prism of projected colourful imagery, reflections and motifs, filling the whole walkway.

Spark Your City launched in June as a new global movement committed to bringing fleeting and extraordinary moments of joy into everyday, and often mundane, city environments.  Launched with a colourful London Bridge takeover, hosted by Radio 1 DJ Gemma Cairney, each activity is inspired and hosted by a woman whose public and creative profile conveys an unforgettable and infectious message of happiness: a woman as bright and fun as the event itself.

I love the image above, with both the impressed and the less-than making their way through the gorgeous giant kaleidoscope.  Transforming the grey interior of Sutton Walk into a massive playground of exploration, gave families, commuters and tourists the opportunity to embrace a little bit of fun and happiness in the everyday.  Helen strongly believes that adventure can be found anywhere, anytime, and many adults and children found just that on Thursday!  Just look at this happy little face:

Helen says of her Spark:

"We live in a massive playground, it’s so easy to run around town looking at our phones or
our feet, but if we look up and around there is so much that can excite and inspire us. A lot of energy and enthusiasm is put into encouraging us to explore the “great outdoors”, but that doesn’t just mean green spaces. There is plenty for adults and kids to explore in London. It’s constantly changing and evolving. I never feel like I “know” London.  Around every corner is something new to explore…"

I think it was Laurence Sterne who said when exploring a new city you must always look up, to see the architecture, the spires, the views.  Living in a time when most people walk along staring at their phones or having conversations with invisible beings through their headsets, oblivious to the world around them, we could all benefit from taking more notice of the beautiful, and the mundane, world around us.  Remember this delicious scene from American Beauty?

We could all do with some more beautiful every day.  How wonderful that these projects are becoming part of that.

Kipling’s Global Marketing Director Gwenda van Vliet says:

"I am very proud that we have launched a global movement called Spark Your City in London. Spark Your City is a chain of projects where creative women will transform the city into a brighter place. Can be small, can be big but it will always make you smile. Kipling proudly supports these women and this movement to make happy."

Find out more about the campaign, and be the first to know about the next sparks in your city, by following the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

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