Balcony Gardening: August 2015

What a grim month it's turned out to be, with only the odd sunny day snatched here and there.  The gardening has suffered a bit to be honest, and we are desperate for some more sun to ripen the tomatoes and give the rest of the vegetables a bit of oomph.  We've harvested the broad beans, broccoli, half of the carrots, a couple of cucumbers, some peppers and tomatoes, so had lots of gaps.  A new pea variety has been drafted in but keeps being eaten by the cats, and some brussels sprouts planted alongside.  I'm still debating what else to put in in hope of a semi-homegrown Christmas dinner.  But first I need to get something over these poor pea shoots to protect them.

Disappointingly, the cucamelons haven't really come to anything but James Wong reckons they can become perennials if left in in warmer climates, so we'll leave them there and hope something happens!  Keeping Yuri's butt off them may help...  The brussels plants are doing OK so far, as you can see here:

I've moved the tomatoes up higher so they catch as much sun as possible, adding to the whole flowers-fruit-vegetables mix!

Much as you can see here where the cucumber plant has grown up through the shielding branches of the gooseberry bush, and been joined by a trailing geranium:

It doesn't seem to be bothering the cucumber crop which is doing very nicely for itself:

We do have lots of green tomatoes, just no red ones to speak of really yet, only cherries.

Elsewhere there are some cabbages, beetroot, peppers, and chard coming on well, although these plants don't look altogether healthy!

The only fruit left now are the blueberries, which are continuing to product well.  The gooseberries, red and white currants, strawberries and raspberries all went down very well with the girls who loved supplementing their breakfast with homegrown berries each morning.  The raspberries look as thought they may be producing a few more flowers yet though, so no pruning just now.

My photos aren't great I'm afraid as my better camera got broken, but here are some attempts to show the current floral range on the balcony:

What have you been growing this month?

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