Erm, It's Christmas??!!

Yesterday was my birthday, 16th August, yet this morning I had to check the calendar to make sure the date was right.  Why?  Because the countdown to Christmas has apparently begun!!

Tower of presents at the Co-Operative Christmas in July press show

Now I know I was, by necessity, all about Christmas last month and our Twitter and Facebook friends and fans were in receipt of much ado about the festive season with some of my favourite picks and sights from the press shows, but to see it begin stark naked on the high street in the middle of August seems excessive even for a Christmas fan like me.  And this wasn't a one off, oh no, there are Christmas savings plans in some shops; early buys in others; we even spotted a small section of cards appearing in one place!!!  What is going on?!

I know the shops were full of back-to-school stuff before term had even ended in July, and we're all becoming too familiar with the sight of Easter eggs just after New Year, but it's definitely getting worse isn't it?  I know some folk buy everything in the January sales (cheapskates ;-)), or pick up bits as and when they see them throughout the year, which seems OK, but to seriously begin your Christmas-ness in August??  Really?!  I'm all for having it all done (bar food) by the end of November myself, so then you can make the most of the magic during December, but I can't start perusing catalogues etc until October time.  August and September are still holiday season as far as I'm concerned.  What about you?

Planned your Christmas dinner yet? (Photo form the Ocado show)

Of course, Christmas in July is a total anomaly, and I do love it, but a whole month of PR-ing and endless lengthy trips to London did wipe me out, to the extent that I've just had a week in bed with a nasty bout of 'flu.  You know the proper can't get out of bed one?  That.

Anyway, here are a few highlights from last month, in case you are in the mood for a bit of Christmas-ness...

This is what I left each morning, on my journey from country bumpkin to Christmas PR pro!

Cocktails in the sunshine at the Lidl show

Loved Hillgate PR's gorgeously festive window

Another day, another cocktail - at Somerset House with Lakeland

Lots of beautiful things at the Dot com gift shop show

And practising the sweltering geisha look on the train home, glad of the fan they gave me!

Feasting at Fortnum's - yum!

A driving day, so a mocktail this time at Morrisons

These 3 photos: the beginnings of my Christmas wish list at the Debenhams show

Celebrating the end of Christmas in July with a well-deserved glass of wine on the train!

Apparently there are 18 weeks till Christmas!

When do your preparations begin?

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