Getting Active in the Bedroom!

Sitting room, done; playroom, done; bathroom, done; kitchen, done.  Bedroom?  Not so much!  Just look at the state of these sheets:

And the duvet hasn't even got a cover at the moment!!  We have one gorgeous linen and cotton mix one we received as a wedding present, but when that's in the wash we are coverless, as the (cheaper) backup cover got - ahem - stained by one too many cats' bottoms, didn't wash well, and ripped when children and cats decided to have a play fight through it.  Don't ask.

Now I'm sure I should be chopping up old bedding to make patches for newer ones, but I can well remember how scratchy and horrid that was as a child.  And with us all being quite bed sensitive, I'm not sure we could tolerate that.  As it is we can only sleep properly in 100% cotton, finding it cooler, softer and far more comfortable than other fabric mixes.  So when The Yorkshire Linen Co. offered to send us some beautiful new bedlinen I was delighted.

Finding the right sheets was an easy process using the site's search engine criteria: 100% cotton and double bed size in pure and perfect white.  These Egyptian cotton 200 thread count fitted sheets are just what we're looking for, so two of those immediately went in my shopping basket.  They're great value at £9.99 each too.

Choosing the perfect duvet covers proved more tricky as there are so many lovely ones to choose from, even for cotton-sticklers like us.  I debated between pattern and colour for a while, then opted for plain and simple white again.  Classic and understated, we just have to ward off kitty bottoms...

We have one super king duvet across our huge family bed, with assorted extra blankets and a small duvet if needed, so the best quality fabric is a must for all of us.  This hotel-worthy crisp cotton duvet cover has an all-over tiny checked design that enhances its hotel chic credentials, and is again a high quality 250 thread count Egyptian cotton.  It also has the handy Swift Swap handholds we favour at the top, which make changing your duvet cover so easy.  Perfect!  It is a mid-price set at £54.99, but at this quality it will last for ages.

By the way, if you find yourself flummoxed by cotton quality and thread count, as far as I understand it, the longer the individual fibres, the better quality the cotton.  This is because longer fibres (staples) can be combed finer to remove small fibres, creating a finer-textured thread with greater strength when the cotton is spun, and then woven into a softer, more lustrous fabric.  The thread count refers to how many individual threads, both lengthwise and widthwise, are woven into one square inch of fabric.  The finer the thread, the more can be woven into each square inch, producing a finer, softer and more flexible fabric.  Basic cotton contains a thread count of around 150, with good quality sheets starting at 180, and a count of over 200 being percale sheeting, a closely woven, plain weave, spun fabric of higher quality with a soft, silk-like feel.  Pure Egyptian cotton fibres are generally finer and will be used in the better quality cotton fabrics.

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