Grandparents' Summer Pay Packet

With many parents being unable to take time off over the summer holidays, or only to take a week or two at best, childcare is a big issue.  Childminders may be busy or on holiday themselves, so often the burden falls to grandparents, with the average British grandparent putting in a whopping 600 hours of grandchild care over the holidays!  Were they to be paid for the efforts, these grandparents could be expecting a nice pay check for more than £22,000!!

Lara & Sophia baking with Nanny recently

Two thirds of grandparents spent significantly more time than usual looking after their grandchildren this summer, with roles including personal chef, chauffeur and sports coach, amongst others.  Payment for these jobs would see the over 50s raking in an average of £22.043 for their summer holiday duties.  The study by HSL Chairs questioned 1,000 busy grandparents, a third of whom said looking after their grandchildren was the most satisfying job of all, and almost 40% said that their grandchildren help them to stay fit and active, with many learning new things too.

Despite being tiring, both emotionally and physically, grandparenting is a hugely rewarding 'job', not least because it is finite!  Even if you come to stay 24/7 for a few days like my mum, there is a leaving time of light at the end of the tunnel; and for those that are more local, there's always a few hours at home in the evening to look forward to.  The roles undertaken vary across the country, and you can see how the regional breakdown of grand-parenting breaks down here:

Birds of a Feather actress and Loose Women panellist, Linda Robson, relied heavily on her own mum for childcare when her children were young and now offers similar support to her daughter, spending a lot of time with her granddaughter, Lila.  She comments:

"I honestly think that grandparents are invaluable. I couldn't have worked without my mum looking after my children when they were little, and I treasure my time with my granddaughter Lila. We have the best time together and have a special bond that will always be there. I love our time together."

To help grandparents see just how much they could be earning for their summer holiday duties (or how much you should be paying them!), HSL have created a special app which calculates the wages due for all those different duties over the summer holidays.

The average UK grandparent’s typical role includes:

  • Personal Chef (baking and preparing meals) £29.04 per hour*
  • Private Tutor (revision, homework, educating, reading) £23.18 per hour
  • House & Grounds Keeper (tidying and cleaning, gardening) £10.01 per hour
  • Chauffeur (taking to and from pay dates, activities) £18.64 per hour
  • Life Coach (listening to problems, breaking up arguments, keeping the peace) £102.13 per hour
  • Private Nurse (helping them wash and dress, giving medication, applying sun-cream etc.) £19.88 per hour
  • Event manager (organising and attending trips to theme parks, nature walks, historical sites etc.) £18.89 per hour
  • Sports coach (playing sports games, taking to lessons etc.) £27.97 per hour
  • Creative Director (crafting, styling, role play) £43.65 per hour
*all average salaries taken from

What would your parents have earned this summer holiday?  I wonder if I should work it out for stay-at-home mums too...

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