Guest Post: Coping with Teenage Acne

One of the most amazing things about blogging is that anyone anywhere can start one, and there is a completely level playing field whether you are 14 or 94; in France, Finland or the Falklands.  As long as you can string a sentence together/talk to a video camera, and vaguely work a laptop, you're in.  Subject matter varies from food to film, kids to cats, beer to beauty (or in the case of this blog, all of the above!), and much more.  I am delighted to welcome one of my younger colleagues today, an up and coming Irish beauty vlogger, who has some advice for her peers on the perils of teenage skin.

 Teenage Acne: By All Things Beautiful on Youtube

Surviving the teenage years are hard enough, let alone dealing with acne! Keep reading to find out how I cleared my skin in under a month…

This is a picture of the state my skin was in, which made me want to take much more care of my skin. I have always had really oily skin but recently it had just been breaking out more than usual. I also had redness sweeping across my cheeks and T- zone (forehead and nose).

I did a lot of research online and found that the key to getting and maintaining clear healthy skin, is to be patient.

So here is my method to clear and healthy skin, sadly this won’t work for everyone but it worked miracles on mine!

DISCLAIMER: Sadly this doesn’t work for everyone but be patient! If your acne becomes painful or very serious seek medical attention.

I first started off by buying the Neutrogena pink grapefruit facial wash (£4-£5) which I used every morning. I then apply the Freederm Daily Complex (£4-£5) before my makeup. This ensures that all the germs that your skin has accumulated while you were sleeping aren’t lingering on your face!

When I get home from school I take my makeup off with Simple Makeup remover wipes – this gives your skin a chance to breath!

Before I go to bed I wash my face with warm water and Neutrogena facial wash, I then exfoliate my skin with the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit exfoliator. The exfoliator helps to unclog your pours and get rid of any dirt that the face wash didn’t catch. Finally, I put a cooling cucumber moisturiser on.

My mum recommend I use TCP, this is an antiseptic which is widely used for sore throats, cuts, bites, stings and spots, it’s very old fashioned but sometimes the old remedies work! It is quite strong and it does sting, just grin and bear it and focus on the fact that it’s killing all that nasty bacteria. I applied every evening with a cotton ball on my spots and redness. When I woke up the next morning, my spots and redness had gone down drastically! So I carried on applying the TCP after washing and exfoliating my face before bed but after moisturising.

Currently I am very happy with how clear my skin is, I am still fighting some marks the spots have left but besides that my redness and spots are gone!

If you try this method or find another method that works please send me a link on one of my social medias:

Twitter: @Jessicaann99713

Meet the blogger:

Hi! My name is Jess and I run the All Things Beautiful YouTube channel, Instagram and twitter! Combining all my social Medias I have over 1500 people following me. I am 14 years old and loving beauty and lifestyle blogging!

I love animals and have two beautiful cats, Siamese and Oriental. I enjoy dancing, drama, shopping and hanging out with my friends. I love school and my favourite subjects are maths, drama, dance and citizenship.

Thanks Jess, an interesting approach that has obviously worked for you.  Let us know if her advice works for you guys too.  Although as a former teenage acne sufferer myself, I have to say embrace that oily skin girls - you get to the wrong side of 40 and have no wrinkles!!

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